Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-3-2013 | Lions Prove Stronger than Jaguars, win 51-37

11-3-2013 | Lions Prove Stronger than Jaguars, win 51-37

By: Efraim Wiener

In this intense matchup, the #5 seed Charles E. Smith JDS Lions faced the #7 seed New Community Jewish High School Jaguars. Both teams were fighting for seventh place in Tier 1. The tip went to the Jaguars, and although they had a few good looks, they were unable to score. Later, after getting a steal, the ball was passed to Noah Emanuel of the Jaguars who laid it in. A few plays later, Edan Evenhaim of the Jaguars also scored, and also knocked down a three-pointer. The Jaguars went on an 8-0 run to begin the game. Finally, Ari Charnoff of JDS drained a three to get the scoring one for the Lions, but Emanuel answered with one of his own. Bryan Knapp of JDS made a bucket, followed by Daniel Knafo came back with a layup of his own. By the end of the first quarter, the Lions JDS managed to get within one point of the Jaguars.

As the second quarter got underway, the Jaguars had the ball. However, they quickly lost possession and Danny Kravitz of JDS managed to bank the ball in for a bucket. His teammate, Brian Shorr laid in a basket too. Towards the middle of the second quarter, Jon Prigal of JDS had a crazy layup and he got a free-throw off of it. JDS scored again courtesy of Knapp who had a jumper. Shorr was fouled again, and he made one out of two free-throws. JDS continued to score with Knapp throughout the second quarter. As the first half ended, Evanhaim made two free-throws followed by a layup on the next play for the Jaguars as they tried to keep pace with the Lions.

As the second half began, JDS had possession of the ball. They scored with Prigal who had a great post move in the paint. Later Prigal and Knapp knocked down free-throws for the Lions. Knapp had another great shot, and JDS continued to use their very intense defense to shut down the Jaguars. Later Knapp had a steal, but it didn’t lead to any points. JDS continued to score at will, and with less than a minute left in the third quarter, JDS led by 17 points. With seven seconds left, Evenhaim was fouled and he made both free-throws. The last point scored at the end of the quarter was by Prigal, who was fouled and made one of his two free-throws.

As the fourth quarter began, the Jaguars took the ball down the side of the court. Knapp was fouled, and he made both free-throws. On the very next play, Evanhaim missed a layup, but he got his own rebound and banked the ball in for two points. Midway through the fourth quarter, a pass came to Gabe Berger of the Jaguars who hit the layup for two points. The Jaguars continued to foul a lot, and JDS continued to make their free-throws to keep the lead in their hands. With four minutes and 20 seconds left in the game, Daniel Knafo of the Jaguars made a nice turn-around jumper. Berger later got fouled and he made both shots. Later, Berger got a steal and took the ball all the way down for an easy layup. Both teams fouled a ton during the last minute of the game, but JDS held on to their lead. The final score was 51-37 with the Lions on top and taking 7th place in the Cooper Invitational. Edan Evanhaim led the Jaguars in defeat with 12 points and the Lions were led by Bryan Knapp with 23 points.

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