Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Yeshivah of Flatbush Falcons Soar to a Commanding 73-31 Win Over Skokie Yeshiva

In the thrilling opening quarter of the Flatbush Falcons versus Fasman Yeshiva matchup, the game commenced with a captivating three-pointer by Isaac Cooper, setting the tone for an intense contest. This electrifying play ignited a 7-0 run by Flatbush, underscoring their offensive prowess. As the quarter unfolded, Flatbush continued to exert their dominance, leaving Fasman struggling to gain control. The period concluded with Flatbush boasting a commanding lead.

The second quarter witnessed a continuation of Flatbush’s exceptional performance, with their lead extending to over thirty points by the midpoint of the period. It was a display of comprehensive excellence by Flatbush, solidifying their control over the game. Leading the charge for Flatbush, Isaac Cooper delivered an impressive 14 points in the first twelve minutes. The first half culminated with Flatbush maintaining a substantial 36-point advantage over Fasman, leaving the latter with a formidable challenge ahead.

In the third quarter, Flatbush carried forward their relentless domination, continuing to exhibit their all-around prowess on the court. Their exceptional teamwork and skill kept the excitement alive throughout the period.

The final quarter saw Flatbush retaining their unwavering control and sustaining their domination over Fasman. It was an unyielding performance that showcased no signs of slowing down. David Cheney emerged as the top scorer for Flatbush, contributing 15 points to his team’s remarkable performance. On the opposing side, Adir Amster led Fasman’s scoring efforts with 9 points.

The ultimate scoreline clearly mirrored Flatbush’s total dominance in the game, culminating with a final score of 73 for Flatbush and 31 for Fasman. It was an emphatic victory for Flatbush, with their exceptional display extending to both ends of the court.

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