Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

MCats’ Tenacity Shines in 66-29 Win Against AJA Jags

The game kicked off with both teams showcasing their defensive prowess, resulting in a slow start for both. It took a full 3 minutes for the first points to hit the board, with Maimo MCats taking the lead with a solitary free throw. As the game unfolded, both teams exchanged turnovers, and it took the AJA Jags an additional 6 minutes to register their first point, also via a free throw. With just a minute left in the first quarter, the Jags closed the gap slightly by scoring 2 points in the last 30 seconds, but the MCats managed to secure 3 more, ending the quarter with a 10-3 lead.

The beginning of the second quarter mirrored the defensive struggle, with both teams locking down the hoop for the first 2 minutes, resulting in no shots made. However, the game’s tempo shifted dramatically after 3 minutes, with both teams finding their rhythm and making several shots. The MCats extended their lead, closing the second quarter with a commanding 34-13 advantage.

The third quarter saw the MCats maintain their lead, adding 4 more points within the first 30 seconds. Over the next 4 minutes, they continued to build on their lead, reaching a score of 41-15. Both teams elevated their defensive efforts, leading to a scoreless stretch lasting 2 minutes. In the final 2 minutes, both teams found their offensive groove, and the MCats maintained their substantial lead, concluding the third quarter at 49-20.

The last quarter commenced with the Jags making a few early points. The MCats responded, and after 3 minutes, the score stood at 55-25, with the MCats still holding a solid lead. Both teams gradually added points, resulting in a score of 60-29 with only 3 minutes remaining. The final 2 minutes saw minimal scoring, and the MCats pushed even further ahead, with a score of 64-29. In the last 20 seconds, the MCats secured an additional 2 points, sealing their victory with a final score of 66-29. The Maimo MCats’ strong defensive and offensive performance earned them a decisive win over the AJA Jags.

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