Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Tournament Blues for NSHA LIONS: Rochele Zell TIGERS Roam to 40-33 Win

The last Tier 1 matchup of the night (actually early morning!) featured the #4 Rochelle Zell Jewish High School Tigers against the #1 North Shore Hebrew Academy Lions. There was intensity, drive, and excitement on both ends throughout the first quarter. Rochelle Zell hustled skillfully giving them a slight lead. They ended the quarter up 11-7, with no sign of backing down.

The second quarter began with more physicality on both ends. Both teams wanted to win and fought for the ball every possession. There wasn’t much increase points-wise on either side in the beginning. The Tigers were able to keep the ball moving and get open shots even with the Lions tight defense. The game picked up towards the end of the first half, with the Tigers ending up, 21-11 at the half.

“Let’s gooo, c’mon,” exclaimed Bokhour number 22 for the Lions, encouraging his team to stay in the game. The score was hardly changing until the end of the quarter when the game picked back up. North Shore had a major comeback bringing the score to 23-26, with them only being 3 points down as the quarter ended.

The fourth quarter left the Lions a mere 8 minutes to get ahead. The Tigers quickly got shots up to get a slight lead at the start of the fourth quarter, which made it difficult for the Lions to keep up. The Lions picked up their offense when there were only 4 minutes left getting it to a 4 point game. The Tigers took the win after a close fourth quarter, taking it home, 40-33. Nitai Gorland was the lead scorer for the Tigers with 12 points, and for the Stars, Eli Bokhour was the lead scorer with 10 points. 

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