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11-3-2013 | Falcons Capture Tier 2 Championship

11-3-2013 | Falcons Capture Tier 2 Championship

By: Shua Friedman

The Tier 2 Championship featured the #1 seed Flatbush Falcons against the #2 seed, the RASG Warriors. The Falcons started off this game against the Warriors with a 3 from Joey Dayon. Their next points came on a fast-break, when Mizrachi had a great pump fake to send the defender flying, making the score 5-1. Jack Eformes and Chad Masin wouldn’t have it, as they each sunk a 3 ball on consecutive possessions to put the Warriors up 9-5. The Falcons came back to tie the game at 9, but Jack fired again from the corner, sinking another 3 to put them up again to close the first quarter.

As the second quarter began, the Warriors continued to have the momentum with an and-one layup and free throw by Diveroli, which put them up 15-10. The Falcons looked to change that though, as they drew foul after foul, turnover after turnover to put Flatbush up 16-15 midway through the quarter. Moris Esformes of the Warriors wanted the lead back, and drove through the middle for an easy layup. His brother, Jack, was fouled at the three point line and made 2 out of 3 of his free throws to put the Warriors up by two points. After back and forth scoring, the score was 25-25, until Mizrahi of the Falcons made a spinning layup to put them up 2 going into halftime.

Starting off the scoring in the second half was Haddad of the Falcons with a jab step three pointer to put them up 5. Although Masin came back with an and-one layup and free throw, Joey Dweck wanted to keep their lead and came back with 2 FGs to make the score 36-28. The Falcons definitely had the momentum in this quarter, countering every shot the Warriors took. The Warriors tried gaining back their momentum with a fast break from Masin, but the Falcons just countered again with another score by Dayon to make the score 41-34 going into the 4th.

Mizrahi continued his scoring success, starting off the quarter with an inside shot for the Falcons. Then, Dayon sank a pull up 3-pointer to make the score 46-34 in favor of the Falcons. Masin continued to try and keep the Warriors in this game with a pull up mid-ranger to lower the deficit. Jack Esformes continued to show his long range abilities, sinking another 3 from the corner. Even with the Warriors offensive success, the Falcons were still hot, making shot after shot to counter every shot the Warriors made. With the score 54-38, Moris Esformes was not giving in, as he made 6 straight points for the Warriors. But the Falcons still held onto their big lead with score at 60-45. The Warriors couldn’t find their way back in this game, as the Flatbush Falcons took the Tier 2 championship by a final score of 66-47. Joey Dayon led the Falcons with 20 points in their victory, while the Warriors were led by Chad Masin with 14 points.

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