Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Intense Showdown: Flatbush Falcons Break Free from Hawks’ Grip In Battle of the Birds

In the eagerly awaited matchup between the Flatbush Falcons and the HAFTR Hawks, the first quarter unfolded with an electric atmosphere, as both teams battled fiercely in a neck-and-neck contest. Nerves ran high, turnovers were aplenty, and the score remained incredibly close throughout the opening period.

As the game transitioned into the second quarter, the intensity hardly waned. Once again, both teams displayed tremendous grit and determination. It was a quarter marked by back-and-forth play, and the scoreboard continued to reflect the closely contested nature of the game.

This nail-biter persisted until halftime, with neither team giving an inch. The resilience and skill on display were evident as they locked horns, resulting in a razor-thin margin on the scoreboard.

Upon resuming play in the third quarter, the Flatbush Falcons made their mark. They found their rhythm and exhibited remarkable accuracy with their shooting and inside shots. This offensive resurgence enabled them to pull ahead and seize control of the game.

The fourth quarter saw Flatbush continue their impressive performance, reinforcing their dominance on the court. The players showcased their abilities to the fullest, ultimately winning the quarter by a landslide.

When the final buzzer sounded, the score reflected Flatbush’s exceptional performance, with a final tally of 57 for Flatbush and 35 for HAFTR. The top scorer for Flatbush, Isaac Cooper, played a pivotal role in their victory with an impressive 20 points.

Meanwhile, HAFTR’s scoring was distributed evenly between Sam Siri and Kevin Levy, with each contributing ten points.

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