Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

AJA Jags show fight in loss to NHSA Lions 47-24

The #1 North Shore Hebrew Academy Lions, came in thinking they were the kings of the jungle. The #16 Atlanta Jewish Academy Jaguars, came in knowing they would have a lot to prove. And to prove themselves they did! They started the game with good defense and ball movement, while the Lions couldn’t even seem to get the ball in the hoop. 5 minutes into the first, the Jaguars were up by 2. The spirits of the Jaguars were up, but the Lions were not worried. The Lions had the ball moving, good open shots, but still couldn’t seem to score. Then, Ben Abizedah scored 2 points ending the first quarter. With the Lions only up by two, things were still looking good for the Jaguars.


The second quarter started off HOT, with Ohad Dan of the Jaguars bringing intensity and tying the game up, 7-7. At the start, the Lions could not get anything going offensively and were even missing free throws, not proving their title as the number one seed. Then, finally, the Lions got out of their rough start and got some buckets. The Jaguars started to get shaky but held strong, a few shots didn’t faze them. They fought for the ball and did not give up. The Lions ended the quarter only up 14-9, hoping for a better run in the next half.


The intensity shot up in the second half, but the Lions were still not playing to the level we know they can play at. The Jaguars weren’t worried, since they were still nor far behind. As the number 1 seed against the 16th, the game being that close was extremely unexpected. After some words from their coach, the Lions understood they need to up their game. Ohad Dan did not stop fighting, and carried his team throughout the third quarter. The Lions ended the third quarter up 27-15. It was a bigger lead, but they still had much more to prove. 


Both teams started the fourth with the same goal, to win the game. The Jaguars, small but mighty, had a fiery passion to win despite their odds. The Lions offense finally picked up in the fourth quarter with strong drives to the basket. Kippahs came off, fast breaks were quick, and the Lions started to prove themselves more. The Lions ended the game 47-24, but still weren’t playing like a #1 team. Eli Bokhour of North Shore, was the leading scorer for the game with 16 points. For AJA Jaguars, Ohad Dan, a strong and determined player and Zac Agichtein were the lead scorers with 6 points each. They may not have won the game, but Ohad Dan and the Jaguars proved their point, they won’t give up. Not in this game, and not in this tournament.  




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