Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Heat Fizzles as Rams Blaze to Tier 2 Consolation Victory, 70-37

The #3 David Posnack Jewish Day School Rams took on the #4 Hillel Yeshiva Heat in the Tier 2 consolation matchup. The Rams came into the game playing tough offensively and defensively. They quickly got a lead over the Heat, with the first quarter ending, 18-10. The big question is, where is the fiery team we know the Heat can be?

Only down by 8 at the start of the second quarter, the Heat needed to step up their game to get ahead. The Rams were outplaying the Heat in the second quarter, picking up open jump shots and layups. The Heat were working hard on defense, but their offense was not following through for them. By the end of the second quarter, it wasn’t looking good for the Heat. They were down by 15 with no sign of picking things up offensively. The Rams ended the first half up 34-19, playing a solid game of ball.

The second half continued to be the Rams show, with the Heat still trying to warm up. The Rams kept up a steady lead, and the Heat were still trailing behind. They were both strong teams with the potential to win, but the Rams continued to stay strong offensively. The Heat were down by 15 at the end of the quarter, 45-30. If they put in the effort, they could stay in the game. With only one quarter left for the Heat to make a comeback, could they make it happen?

The Heat showed a lack of intent to really get ahead in the last quarter, and what made it even worse for them was the Rams were still playing their hardest. The Heat put their best foot forward, but it wasn’t enough to take control over the Rams. The Heat’s lead scorer, Bruce Zekaria scored 12 points in defeat. Max Jacobs of the Rams led all scorers with 20 points. The Rams ended the game 70-37, winning the Tier 2 consolation game.

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