Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-11-2011 | Magen David Warriors Slow Down Hillel Hurricanes, 72-39

11-11-2011 | Magen David Warriors Slow Down Hillel Hurricanes, 72-39

By Cooper Invitational Staff

Tier I action pitted the #3Hillel Hurricanes against the #6 Magen David Warriors. In first quarter action, Magen David was leading Hillel 15-8. Joseph Ammar hit Hillel’s first bucket of the second quarter, then drew a quick foul.

Magen David then committed three straight turnovers, but fortunately for the Warriors, none of them turned into buckets for the Hurricanes. Morris Dweck of Magen David hit a beautiful layup and after being fouled, and had a shot for a 3-point play, but he missed the free throw. Towards the end of the second quarter, the Warriors made it difficult for the Hurricanes. As the quarter went on, the lead for the Warriors increased with every possession. Magen David could have totally blown the game out at halftime, but after missing free throw after free throw, the Warriors were keeping the Hurricanes in the game as the score at halftime was Warriors 37 – Hurricanes 21.

The second half started off with Magen David getting 5 points off three turn overs in the first minute. The Hurricanes showed some life with a beautiful three, but the next possession they wound up turning the ball over again. The Warriors had 10 steals in the first half of the third quarter, and they began to run away with the game. Matthew Cohen had a very nice steal, fast break, and layup and at the end of the third quarter, Magen David was leading 63-28.

The Hurricanes puts together a few good plays in the beginning of the fourth quarter to cut the lead down a bit. But the lead is just too large to overcome, and the Hurricanes go down to the Warriors, 72-39. Joseph Ammar had 15 points for the Hurricanes and Jeff Pardo had 19 points for the Warriors in the win.

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