Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Posnack Rams Score First Invitational Win, Silence Thunder 64-43

The first Tier 2 matchup between the Posnack Rams and the JEC Thunder was bound to be interesting. Both teams are known for their exceptional defense, and rely on this factor to bring home the win, especially after their disappointing losses from the day before.

Bryce Daubs, a 6 foot 5 inch center, started the game off with a bang, sinking a shot for his team, the Posnack Rams, as well as the additional free throw for the foul. JEC started strike back, not only with a guarded three-pointer, but with two free throws as well. Although the clock was winding down, JEC’s energy was not as they hit another shot from beyond the arc, adding another three points to the scoreboard, followed by a steal and a fast break bucket. But the Rams were far from losing hope, as they rained down another three to finish off the 1st quarter.
Posnack entered the 2nd quarter with a newfound strength, never seen before, putting them in the lead. The Thunder, then amped up their game, and tied it up with some shots from the stripe, simple yet effective. But the Rams wouldn’t a few free throws stop them, producing a 9-1 run and giving themselves a 9 point lead with half the quarter to go. Posnack continued to play hard on defense, with hard drives and easy 10 footers. By halftime, the scoreboard read 29-16 with the Posnack Rams up by thirteen, having scored 21 points in the quarter alone.

JEC tried to gain a little leverage, but unfortunately with their star point guard, junior Jacob Winters in foul trouble, Aaron Heller had to step up to the plate. Fortunately, for the Thunder, Heller does not disappoint and scores not only a deep three for his team, but two more free throws as well. With Heller at the helm, the Thunder started to close the lead the Rams had worked so hard to accomplish. Posnack’s Seth Wasserstrom matched Heller’s game as they continued to go head to head as the quarter played out, with Posnack up by 11, with a score of 43-32.

Both teams strive to score, but due to the excruciating amount of fouls amassed by the Thunder, the Rams were able to rack up their points on the free throw line. With Posnack tightening their already astounding defense, they get three more turnovers, followed by a couple of fast breaks and some shots.

With less than 4 minutes to go the in the game, the Thunder needed 15 points to tie to have a shot at the Tier II championship. Joey Levy, one of Posnack’s senior shooting guards, returns to the free throw line for the fifth time this game. As usual, he knocks them both down. With a minute thirty to go, the Rams put the last nails in the coffin with Wasserstrom drilling the last two free throws, and bringing home the victory, with the score being 64-43. The leading scorer for the Posnack Rams was Joey Levy with an astounding 25 points. On the other side of the court, Moshe Heller paced the Thunder with 20 points.

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