Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

“Dilly Dilly!” Kohelet KINGS slay AJA JAGUARS 57-35!

In a battle of two up and comers AJA and Kohelet looked to end their tournaments with a win. Both teams were evenly matched to start with no team able to pull ahead and get a good lead. While they both seemed to have good defense, their offense could not get around the others defense.

The second quarter was much better and Kohelet was warmed up and started to pull away fro AJA.  Kohelet pushed AJAand got a good lead. AJAput all their efforts but Kohelet was having a good day.

 The third quarter started with good efforts and AJA was tying their best to catch up. Both teams seemed to be losing momentum and the game was in a sort of pause as both battled.  Kohelet once again was able to hussle and put some points in and had 16 point lead.

The fourth went well.

Kings won 57-35.

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