Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-6-2014 | Cougars Best Jaguars, 60-26

11-6-2014 | Cougars Best Jaguars, 60-26

By: Tani Finkelstein

The 2nd seed Frisch School Cougars took on the 15th seed Atlanta Jewish Academy Jaguars in game five of the opening round of the Cooper Invitational on Thursday afternoon. In the first quarter, the game remained very close, with Frisch unable to pull away. Mike Finkel was solid for the Cougars with six points in the first, while Samuel Kalnitz paced the Jaguars down low with four points. Frisch only led by four at the end of the first quarter.

In the start of the second quarter, both teams struggled to find a rhythm. Then, Frisch began to pull away, but not completely. Ben Tuchman, who played very aggressively for the Cougars, finished the half with 12 points. Zev Frankel of the Jaguars shot well enough for eight points to finish the half.

In the third quarter, led by Tyler Hod (10 points) and Mike Finkel (12 points), Frisch really began to pull away, forcing turnover after turnover. Atlanta never got into a rhythm, as Frisch’s sound shooting and quality ball movement propelled them to a near 20-point lead at the end of the third.

In the fourth, Frisch continued its dominance, while Atlanta’s turnovers continued to plague them. Sharpshooter Dustin Dayani was solid for Atlanta with a few nice shots, but that wasn’t nearly enough to bring Atlanta back in the game. It was far too late. Frisch built on their over 20-point lead and never looked back, winning 60-26. Mike Finkel and Benni Tuchman both finished with 12 points for the Cougars, and Zev Frankel led the Jaguars with nine points.

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