Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-4-2016 | Kushner COBRAS SCHOOL Fasman Yeshiva

11-4-2016 | Kushner COBRAS SCHOOL Fasman Yeshiva

By: Akiva Finkelstein

Day 2 of Cooper X, and the first Tier II game, featured the #10 seed Kushner Yeshiva H.S. Cobras versus the #14 seed Fasman Yeshiva. After winning the tip off, the Cobras came out aggressive and dominant. Led by Sam Bernstein, who caught fire early, as well as Marc Yarkony who had a strong start, the Cobras took control on both ends of the floor. While nothing was falling for Fasman, the Cobras were knocking down shots left and right. They finished off the first quarter leading 18-5.

In the second quarter, the Cobras stayed ahead as Fasman struggled to come back. Fasman was able to cut the lead just a bit with the help of guard Jacob Wedgle, but the Cobras’ very tight defense, combined with a very strong performance from Bernstein, prevented them from making it a close game. The Cobras continued to score off of fast breaks, a result of turnovers and missed shots from Fasman. Bernstein finished the half with 13 points for the Cobras, and Wedgel led Fasman with 5 points. The Cobras were up 23-13 going into the second half.

In the third quarter, the Cobras continued to get defensive stops and keep a comfortable lead. Fasman’s ball movement was decent, but they struggled to get off good shots. Meanwhile, Sam Raab and Sam Bernstein were big for the Cobras as they rallied on. The quarter came to a close with them in the lead 37-18.

In the fourth quarter, Fasman started to get buckets, giving them a boost. This time it was the Cobras who struggled offensively after Fasman started playing more aggressive defense. With a little over two and a half minutes to go, they hadn’t scored at all the entire quarter. Fasman had the momentum, and the Cobras were getting aggravated. After a technical foul from the Cobras’ coach, Fasman was finally within reach. With a minute left, they were only down five. Akiva Lafer led Fasman in this exciting comeback. It was the Cobra’s early lead, however, that kept them alive, giving them the game, winning 41-35. Bernstein led the Cobras with 17 points, and Lafer led Fasman with 10 points.

#10 Kushner moves on to the semi-finals round of Tier II, while #14 Fasman will play in the consolation bracket.

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