Memphis Yeshiva Invitational



By: Cooper Invitational Staff

#11 Rochelle Zell came into this game coming off a huge upset of the #7 Yula Panthers on day 1 of Cooper X and looked to continue their cinderella run against powerhouse, #3 Flatbush.  The game started off close but turnovers for the Rochelle Zell Tigers, late in the first quarter, led to easy Flatbush fastbreak buckets. It was a very low scoring first quarter as both team defenses were very good. The first quarter ended with a score of 13-9 with Flatbush in the lead. Flatbush’s Abie Rosow finished the 1st quarter with five points and six rebounds while Rochelle Zell’s Felix Rosen had four points and three boards.

The second quarter didn’t seem like it would be pretty for the Tigers, as the Flatbush Falcons went on a 5-0 run to start the quarter and extended their lead to 9. The Tigers went scoreless until the 3:50 mark of the second quarter, but they were able to redeem themselves with a 5-0 run of their own, in the final minute.  Rochelle Zell tied the game up at 21 going into halftime. Flatbush’s Mosseri opened up the quarter on a 5-0 run, singlehandedly, expanding the lead for the Falcons. Offensively it was a tough quarter for the Tigers, who found themselves down  by 10, 41-31 at the end of the third.

In the fourth quarter things got a little more interesting. The Tigers went on a 9-4 run to start the quarter and brought the game to within 5,  But 7 unanswered points for the Falcons gave them a 12 point cushion that increased as time went on. The final score was 62-41, Flatbush getting the win.

Overall, the ending score does not reflect the play of the game. Both teams played extremely hard. Notable statlines include Flatbush’s Rosow who finished with 20 points and 12 rebounds, and Rochelle Zell’s Rosen who finished with 15 points and seven rebounds before fouling out. The #3 Flatbush Falcons will move on to the semi-finals saturday night, while the #11 Rochelle Zell Tigers will play in the consolation bracket.

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