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11-4-2016 | deToledo Jaguars Electrify Kadimah Chargers

11-4-2016 | deToledo Jaguars Electrify Kadimah Chargers

By: Akiva Finkelstein

A thursday afternoon matchup featured the #13 seed De-Toledo High School Jaguars and the #16 seed Kadima Chargers. The much taller and much more talented Jaguars came out strong and ready to destroy. Kadima was coming off of a crushing defeat last game, and were hoping for a better result today. Right from the start the Jaguars had the upper hand, as they stormed down the court and attacked the rim each possession. Their defense was overwhelming for the Chargers, who struggled to even put shots up. Led by Ezra Emmanuel and Elion Ben-Nissan, the Jaguars ruled the court, leading 30-4 going into the next quarter.

In the 2nd quarter, the Jaguars continued to be unstoppable. On defense they created multiple turnovers, and on offense they made key jumps from every spot on the floor. The Jaguars’ impenetrable defense forced Kadima to launch up low-percentage shots, leading to a poor overall offensive performance. The fast pace was set by the Jaguars, who had clearly trained hard for this tournament. The half ended with the Jags up 56-11.

In the third quarter, the Jaguars didn’t tone down their aggressiveness. They got everyone involved, dishing it out and knocking down shots. Kadima tried play after play to find good looks and score, but the Jaguars wouldn’t let them. They swarmed the boys from St. Louis each time, never easing off. They finished the quarter leading 82-13.

In the fourth quarter, the Jaguars continued their unstoppable pace demolishing the Chargers until the buzzer sounded. They raced down the court and scored play after play, and devastated the Chargers who walked away from their second crushing defeat with their heads hanging low. The final score was 90-16, De-Toledo. The leading scorer for Kadima was Shafner who put up seven points, and the leader for De-Toledo was Emmanuel who finished with 17 points.

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