Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

הַבֶּט־נָ֣א הַשָּׁמַ֔יְמָה The Yeshiva looks downs on NSHA STARS, 48-30

In a battle between two upstart teams with tons to prove, the originally ranked #12 Fasman faced off against #9 North Shore in the first Motzei Shabbos Tier I game. The game was indeed close right out of the gate, with both teams scoring 3’s to start it off from Fasman sharpshooter Stein and North Shore’s top Guard, Levian. Both teams continued trading points back and forth in the beginning, with the Yeshiva pulling a 3 point lead with 4 minutes left in the quarter. They held on to this lead to end the first, pulling a head some more up 12-7. The Stars continued to battle hard trying to get back in it.

The 2nd quarter kicked off with some amazing defense on Fasman’s side, bringing their lead up to 6, 14-8. However, North Shore’s defense took hold, pressuring Fasman away from the paint and forcing turnovers, bring their deficit down to 2, 14-12. With 3:20 left in the half, North Shore tied up the game and took the lead in the next possession, but Fasman answered quickly as Stein and Schuman each hit from behind the arc and taking back the lead 20-18. With 38 seconds left in the 2nd quarter, Fasman was up 25-20. North Shore tried to get the ball for a final possesion, but the Yeshiva’s Ashkenazy, hit a 3 point buzzer beater to give Fasman a commanding lead 28-20 going into the half.

After the first half North Shore’s gameplan was simple. Get the ball to Levian and let him shoot it.  And this did work for the first couple of minutes, bringing the Stars to within 4, 28-24. However, Fasman started double teaming Levian, making it impossible for him to have an open shot. North Shore really needed to bring back the aggressive offensive and defensive plays they’d been pulling off in their last games, but Shabbos may have slowed them down a step with Fasman pulling ahead 33-24. Unfortunately, North Shore did not get the fire or teamwork they needed, and ended the quarter 33-24, Fasman’s lead.

Coming into the 4th, Fasman scored the first points bringing their lead to 35-24, and continued displaying the amazing teamwork which made them such a good team. The Stars still tried to battle back into the game, finally bringing in some of the aggressive defense they needed, but was not able to stand up to Fasman’s big man Stein when he got under the paint. A time out was called with 5 minutes left, with Fasman being up 39-27, and NSHA feeling it slip away. In the end, Fasman’s stellar teamwork and coordination proved to be too much for NSHA to handle, with the game ending 48-30. Fasman continues to surprise everyone as they move on to battle for 5th place on Championship Sunday.

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