Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Flatbush Falcons are Tier II CHAMPIONS! defeat CESJDS LIONS 56-44!

The Flatbush Falcons and the CESJDS Lions were here for war. After disappointing first round losses, both teams were looking to leave their mark on the tournament. Gross had the first basket of the game, a jumpshot for the Lions. Offer scored a crossover layup for the Lions, just before Lincer had the first Falcons basket of the game with a layup. Abed sunk a 3 jump shot from just inside the arch for the Falcons as they try to even out the score. The first quarter closed out with the Lions leading 7-15.

Katz was fouled on a 3 pointer and made all three of his free throws for the Lions. Lincer sutton scored a pair of jump shots soon after for the Falcons tightening the score. Katz responded with a layup for the Lions. Sutton tips the ball into the basket after a missed 3 pointer, for the Falcons at the halftime buzzer to tie the game, the score 25 all.

Rulnick scored the first points of the half for the Lions, giving them back their lead. Rosow scored a layup for the Falcons bringing the score back to a tie. Gershman sunk a jumpshot for the Lions to give them a 3 point lead. This was a close game and the tensions between these two teams was felt by everyone in the stands. The Lions were setting the pace, but not for long as Katta made a 3 point shot for the Falcons. As the third quarter ended, the score remained tied, 33-33.

In a struggle for the ball at the basket, Katz made a brilliant rebound for the Lions bucket. Sedaka scored his first points of the game with a layup for the Falcons. Offer was fouled and his coach helped him off the court and onto the Lions bench. Meanwhile the Falcons took the lead with a jumper from Rosow. Offer would not abandon his team however, and soon reappeared on the court. The Falcons turned the tables in their favor and lead by 10 with 30 seconds left. The final score was 56-44; the leading scorers for Flatbush and CESJDS are Rosow with 17 points and Offer with 14.

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