Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

CESJDS LIONS tame Cooper MACS, advance to T2 Championship

After a disappointing first round loss, followed by a dominating performance against the Atlanta Jags, the Macs looked to perform well in Tier 2 as they took on the Lions from CESJDS. Offer on the Lions, started the game off with a 3 point shot for the Lions. Morris scored the Macs first points to tie it up with a 3 pointer of his own. The first quarter had both teams running with a tie, but the macs pulled ahead at the end with a free throw from Morris, to give them a 1 point lead, the score 8-7 at the end of the 1st quarter.

Orgel scored the first points of the half with a layup for the Macs. Gross shot and scored a layup for the Lions, stealing their way to a one point lead. Morris scored a pair of foul shots for Cooper, but Offer responds with a layup for the Lions. A steal by Osdoba to convert into a layup for the Macs to pull close, but at the last second of the half, Gross transitioned quickly down the court for a quick layup and one with the foul. The Lions extended their lead to 5, 21-16.

Offer started off the second half with a 3 point shot for the Lions and Osdoba responded with a short jump shot for the Macs. The Macs tried to minimize the Lions lead, but the Lions were on fire as they continued to rein down shots, and the Macs can’t seem to put it out. Morris sank a jump shot for the Macs to pull close, but Gershman one ups him a 3 pointer for the Lions. The quarter ends with the Lions even further in the lead, the score 39-23.

The Macs had slim hopes for a fourth quarter comeback, but the fans cheered them on hoping for a miracle. Gershman sank a jump shot for the Lions and Orgel made another layup for the Macs. The Macs try to stop the the Lions scoring game by turning up the heat on defense with a full court press. Orgel continued to dominate underneath the basket, and had his best game of the tournament. But, Gershman scored two layups in a row for the Lions, bolstering their lead. Morris fouled out of the game, with one minute left on the clock, leaving the Macs to attempt a miraculous comeback without him. It comes as a surprise to no one when the Lions take the win, a final score of 47-36. The leading scorers from Cooper and CESJDS were Morris with 14 and Katz with 12 respectively.

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