Cooper Invitational

Bracket Challenge

Tournament Format:

Participating teams enter the Cooper Invitational seeded 1-16 based on league record, strength of schedule, national ranking, perceived talent level, and, where possible, head-to-head results. In Thursday’s Round 1, the highest seed will face the lowest seed with subsequent games following the same pattern (1 vs. 16; 2 vs. 15; 3 vs. 14, etc.). Round 1 winning teams will advance to Tier I, while Round 1 losing teams will advance to Tier II. Once Tiered, teams will play out the remaining three games of the Invitational within that Tier. No Tier I team will drop to Tier II; no Tier II team will advance to Tier I.

Bracket-ology 101:

You must select the entire Tier I bracket from the opening round through the Championship. For purposes of this BRACKET-Challenge, consider Tier I as a single elimination tournament like the NCAA March Madness. Choose the eight winners from Round 1; the four winners from the Quarterfinals that will advance to the Semifinals; the two winners from the Semifinals that will advance to the Tier I Championship game; the Tier I Champion, and the total points to be scored in the Championship game (points will only be used for purposes of a tiebreaker). In addition, you must also select the Tier II Champion, and the total points to be scored in the Tier I and Tier II Championship games (points will likewise only be used for purposes of a tiebreaker).

Point System:

  • 6 pts Round I
  • 12 pts Quarterfinals
  • 20 pts Semifinals
  • 38 pts 2018 Cooper Invitational Champion
  • 26 pts Tier II Champion

Perfect Bracket = 200 pts

Submission Deadline:

All brackets must be submitted by 12:00 PM CST on November 1, 2018. Any brackets received after that time will be voided.


Reports indicating the leading brackets with best point totals will be updated nightly and posted to this page on the website.


Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place brackets.

Previous Bracket Challenge Winners:

2010 Entry Name: The Bracket

2011 Entry Name: bubbles

2012 Entry Name: Mr. Scher’s Argyle Sweaters

2013 Entry Name: NaniShapiro

2014 Entry Name: Evan.Harris

2015 Entry Name: Jackie Ashko

2016 Entry Name: Isabel.G

2017 Entry Name: JPC

The Bracket:


First Name:
Last Name:
Entry Name
What School Do You Attend?


Super 8 Final Four Championship 2018 Champion
(8) Scheck Hillel LIONS
(5) Cooper MACS
(12) Posnack RAMS
(4) Milken WILDCATS
(13) Kushner COBRAS
(6) Flatbush FALCONS
(11) Rochelle Zell TIGERS
(3) Rambam RAVENS
(14) Katz STORM
(7) Fasman YHS
(10) deToledo JAGUARS
(15) Kohelet KINGS


Tier 2 Champion:
Total Points Scored in Tier 1 Championship Game:
Total Points Scored In Tier 2 Championship Game:

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