Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

#11 Rochelle Zell TIGERS Upsets #6 Flatbush Falcons 61-60!

Although these two teams were seeded at dramatically different places, during the game itself they seemed pretty equal. The game began with continuous turnovers by both teams, but thankfully picked up once a few free throws were made. Midway through the quarter, it seemed like the Falcons were pulling ahead, as they were sinking all their shots; but a small run by the Tigers proved those Falcons wrong.

The excitement did not dwindle as the second quarter began. The Cobras came out of the break with a powerful presence that could be felt around the court. With a few points added to the board and some spirit lived amongst the Rochelle Zell fans, the half ended with the score at 34-25; the Cobras being in a nine point lead.

As the half began the Falcons were determined to fight back and get back in the game. The quarter was full of great plays and even better shots. With these shots in mind, nothing compares to the buzzer beater half-court shot to end the quarter, leaving the score at 51-48 and the Cobras in the lead.

Quarter 4 may have been one exciting quarters in Cooper invitational history. There were many ties and leads, and in the end it came down to the nail-biting end where there were seconds left and after a great fight, the Cobras took him a win; the final score at 61-60

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