Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

WOLFPACK down Beren STARS 48-34 as game gets out of reach

Former Cooper Tournament Champion Valley Torah looked to regain their status as they faced off against the Beren Stars from Houston Texas in this high profile Tier II matchup. The 1st quarter started out strong, with back and forth between Valley Torah and Beren, as each struggled to gain the lead. Valley Star Dan scored a beautiful 3 pointer, putting the Wolfpack ahead 6-4  halfway through the first. From then on, tough D prevented either team from scoring, as each team struggled to pull ahead but neither being able to complete their plays. The 1st quarter stalemated from there, ending with Valley Torah still up 6-4 VT.

In the second quarter Valley Torah came out strong, remembering their championship roots as they drained a few threes and bringing their lead to ten points, 15-5 midway into the second.  Valley Torah continued with their three point dominance as they drained some open threes to cruise to a commanding lead. Beren tried to keep up, ending the half with a nice jumper, but went into halftime down 24-9 to the Wolfpack.

In the 3rd quarter, the game started picking up the pace, with both sides trying to move the ball quickly which tended to result in quick turnovers. Valley Torah added to their lead, and were up 33-17 halfway through the third. Beren tried to claw their way back in, and picked up 1 more point with 1 minute on the clock, but Valley Torah pushed up their lead by picking up an additional 2. The pace of the game remained high until the end of the quarter, with Valley Torah up 35-18.

The 4th quarter began slowly, with Valley Torah only scoring one layup in the first 3 minutes as they tried to slow down the tempo. Beren began playing aggressively which led to some harsh fouls called on both sides. Beren tried their best to catch up, but continued to get pushed back by Valley Torah’s aggressive defenders, especially their defensive star Paz who boxed out at all times, as well as some amazing three point shots by the Dan Brothers on the Wolfpack. Valley Torah piled onto their lead from there, and with 3:30 left the score was 45-24 in their favor. At that point, the game was out of the Stars reach. Beren did manage to add to their total as the Wolfpack pulled their starters, but in the end Valley Torah’s lead proved to be too much as Valley Torah defeated the Stars 48-32.

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