Memphis Yeshiva Invitational



By: Akiva Finkelstein

A Thursday afternoon game featured the #1 seed KYHS Storm and the #16 seed Kadima Chargers. The Storm took control of the game from the start, going on an 20-0 run to get the game rolling. They played incredible defense, leading to many steals which were followed by points off of fast breaks. The Chargers struggled on both ends of the floor, and couldn’t do much the entire quarter. Sammy Baum, Ethan Lasko, and Evan Jacoby led throughout, ending the quarter up 20-0.

In the second quarter, KYHS stormed the court, and continued to dominate with ease. They never slowed down their aggressiveness, taking an enormous lead. With under four minutes to go in the half, Yonah Shafner finally hit a three, giving the Chargers their first points of the game. The Chargers struggled on, and the Storm were up by so much that Lasko attempted a dunk on a fastbreak at one point in the quarter. They finished off the half strong, leading 50-5.

In the third quarter, the Storm didn’t ease off on the Chargers, despite their gigantic lead. Nothing fell for the Chargers most of the quarter, and on defense, they couldn’t slow down the Storm. Shafner did however knock down two threes, in an attempt to help the desperate team. It didn’t help much as the Storm continued their domination, ending the quarter up 68-11.

In the fourth quarter, the Storm were unstoppable and the Chargers were hopeless. Practically everyone on the team contributed for the Storm, giving them the win. Lasko led the team with 19 points, and Shafner led the Chargers with 11 points.

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