Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-8-2014 | Frisch Cougars Tame NCJHS Jaguars, 71-55

11-8-2014 | Frisch Cougars Tame NCJHS Jaguars, 71-55

By: Efraim Wiener

The 2nd seeded Frisch Cougars took on the 3rd seeded New Community Jewish H.S. Jaguars to kick off the Saturday night games of the Cooper Invitational. Right from the start of the game, it seemed the two teams were almost evenly matched, except that Frisch’s offense was in a rhythm. Tyler Hod started off the game with five quick points, and Benni Tuchman continued to score in the paint. By the end of the first quarter the game was a two-point game, but it was obvious the Jaguars had some flaws in their offensive game, because it seemed that most of their baskets were forced shots.

Throughout the first half, Frisch’s offensive and defensive intensity shined. They were constantly stealing the ball and getting easy layups. Their defense was simply spectacular, and was preventing the Jags from getting into an offensive rhythm. The Jaguars’ Evanhaim was the only person on their team who was actually scoring. He had 14 points by the team halftime came around, and was a scoring monster, but everyone else on his team was struggling.

The Cougars came out for the kill in the 2nd half. Tyler Hod got fouled at the three-point line, drained three free throws, and knocked down two other threes to start the half. Frisch continued to dominate the third quarter and had a massive lead going into the fourth. Led by Hod, the chance of victory that the Jags had at the beginning was simply destroyed and was gone. Their offense wasn’t flowing and they were in foul trouble. It wasn’t a pretty second half for the Jaguars.

It seems the Cougars were just the better team. Going into the fourth quarter, Frisch continued to extend their lead, and Noah Engelmay scored the ball extremely well. With two minutes and forty-eight seconds left in the game, Evenhaim started to get into a rhythm, but it was too late. The game was already over with no hope left. The end score was 70-54, with Frisch bringing in a great win. Edan Evanhaim led the Jaguars with 28 points, and Tyler Hod paced the Cougars with 26 points.

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