Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-7-2014 | YULA Panthers Upset Frisch Cougars 49-44, Advance to Final Four

11-7-2014 | YULA Panthers Upset Frisch Cougars 49-44, Advance to Final Four

By: Efraim Wiener

The 7th seeded Yeshiva University of L.A. Panthers, took on the 2nd seeded Frisch Cougars to start off the third game on Friday morning of the Invitational. YULA came into the game hoping to upset Frisch, and came onto the floor with a very intense mentality. Daniel Tzion of YULA continually worked the ball into the post, and rebounded extremely well. Motti Zilberstein started off the first quarter with seven points and took Frisch by storm.

The two teams were very evenly matched, and last year they even played each other for the championship game of Sarachek. Each team kept the score close going into the half. Whenever Evan Weinrab of YULA would score a basket, Tyler Hod would answer with a basket of his own. The game really came down to mental strength, and was one for the legends. By the end of the first half, the score was tied and each team was playing with a ton of heart and skill.

During the second half Daniel Tzion continued to score, but it wasn’t enough. The reason was because of Michael Finkel. He knocked down back- to-back threes to keep his team up by six. Slowly, YULA inched their way back as the third quarter came to a close. Earlier they were plagued with turnovers, but their intensity started to increase, but it wasn’t enough. As the third quarter came to a close, Scott Levine banked in a three to bring Frisch’s lead up to eight going into the final quarter of the game.

The final quarter was the most memorable quarter of the game. Tzion continued to score the ball, but Finkel exploded with a bunch of layups, attacking on all sides. With three minutes to go Frisch was up by three, but barely holding on. Then Tzion attacked the glass, and practically dunked the ball. With 40 seconds to go and YULA down one point, Zilberstein chucked up a crazy layup to bring YULA up by one with 20 seconds to go. Then Asher Remer knocked down two free-throws to bring YULA up by three and seal the upset over the Cougars. YULA was led by Daniel Tzion and Motti Zilberstein with 14 points, while the Cougars were led by Michael Finkel with points. The Panthers advance to the Final Four, while the Cougars move into the Tier 1 Consolation bracket.

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