Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-4-2016 | Waterbury WOLFPACK take down Mesivta MUSTANGS

11-4-2016 | Waterbury WOLFPACK take down Mesivta MUSTANGS

By: Akiva Finkelstein

The #8 seed Yeshiva of Waterbury Wolfpack faced off against the Mesivta of Greater Philadelphia Mustangs on Friday morning. The Wolfpack took an early lead, but the Mustangs kept the game tight. The Mesivta made some key defensive stops and even had some nice looks. The Wolfpack, however, continued to expand their lead as the quarter progressed, and earned a comfortable lead going into the second quarter.

In the second quarter, the Wolfpack played tight defense and Mesivta struggled to keep up. Led by Ikey Cohen and Abie Resnick, the Wolfpack took control of the game. They played well all quarter and expanded their lead. Resnick finished the half with 14 points for the Wolfpack, and Shmuel Abraham led the Mustangs with 8 points. The Wolfpack were up 38-22 when the half came to an end.

In the the third quarter, Zevi Gralla helped the Wolfpack dominate as they continued to play well. Mesivta trailed throughout, and the Wolfpack were simply unstoppable. The game slowly became out of reach for the Mustangs. Eli David and Ari Eisenberger both had superb performances in this quarter. The Wolfpack finished the quarter leading 59-29.

In the fourth quarter, the Wolfpack had momentum, and got easy layups off of great ball movement and excellent plays. The Mustangs didn’t let up though, and continued to fight on. The Wolfpack began to relax as the game drew to a close and knocked down a series of threes with their large lead. Resnick was the leading scorer for the Wolfpack with 16 points, and Abraham was the leading scorer for the Mustangs who finished with 12 points. The game ended with the Wolfpack winning 78-39.

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