Memphis Yeshiva Invitational



By: Cooper Invitational Staff

Day 2 of Cooper X came to a close in glorious fashion. The final game of the day was between the overall #1 seed Katz Yeshiva Storm versus the #9 seed Heschel Heat. This may have been the most exciting game of the day. Both teams were unrelenting and as soon as one team went up the other climbed back on top.

The first quarter was a stalemate with both teams scoring 9 points and playing amazing defense. Neither team could gain the advantage. The Heschel Heat, fresh off their upset victory on day one, used that momentum to pull ahead, outscoring the Katz Storm 12 to 6 in the second quarter. It appeared that the #1 seed could not make their shots and started turning the ball over. The Heat held the lead at halftime 21 – 15.

The third quarter was back to the ups and downs of the first quarter. Both teams played great defense and the scoring held to 7 points for Heschel and 9 points for the Storm.

The Katz Storm began their comeback on the heels of their superstar guard Ethan Lasko who put up 8 points, while the rest of the team held the Heat to only 6 points the entire quarter. At the end of the fourth quarter the score was tied at 36 and both teams prepared for overtime.

Overtime was the longest four minutes of the tournament thus far. It was back and forth with a cloud of drama as the coach of the Heat was ejected, and the Storms two star players Ethan Lasko and Evan Jacoby, fouled out. In the end, the #9 Heschel Heat upset the #1 overall seed Katz Storm to continue their cinderella run in the semi-finals. The Storms run towards the championship comes to an end as they will continue in the consolation bracket.

The Heschel Heat were led by Jeremy Spiera who scored 15 points and the Katz Yeshiva Storm was led by Ethan Lasko and Evan Jacoby, both with 10 points.

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