Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-4-2016 | Cooper MACS besiege and take down HEBREW ACADEMY WARRIORS

11-4-2016 | Cooper MACS besiege and take down HEBREW ACADEMY WARRIORS

By: Cooper Invitational Staff

The third Tier I game of Day 2 of Cooper x, showcased #4 RASG Warriors against the Memphis hometown favorites #5 seed Cooper Macs. From the tip, it was apparent that the Macs came ready to play. The Macs opened the first 2 minutes of the game with a 9-0 run led by the Sophmore Guard Simcha Osdoba and superstar shooting guard Jeffrey Owen. Midway through the first quarter the Warriors fought back to within 3 and the quarter ended with Cooper up by 3, 16 – 13. Cooper’s aggressive defense and rebounding held RASG’s Superstar Guard Ben Tal to only 6 points.

Coopers aggressive play and tenacious defense continued to frustrate the Warriors in the second quarter, holding their explosive offense to only 4 points the entire quarter. Cooper built a 9 point lead by playing a controlled offense working the ball around so that no one player on Cooper scored more than 2 points through the rest of the half. The score at halftime was 26 – 17 in favor of the Cooper macs.

The RASG Warriors came out of the halftime break, a new team. Ben Tal went on a tear scoring 15 points in the third quarter and singlehandedly brought the warriors back to within 3. The Cooper Macs were able to hold on their lead closing the third quarter leading RASG 39 – 37 on the scoring of Cooper guard Daniel Katz who put up 7 points in the quarter. The fourth quarter had everyone in the gym on the edge of their seats, with loud cheering at each made basket. The start of the quarter saw the score teeter back and forth with Cooper continuing to hold the edge on RASG. That’s when the building came crashing down on the Warriors. Cooper guard Jeffrey Owen showed why he is considered an All-Star by scoring 12 points and controlling the tempo of the game the rest of the way. Cooper Star power forward Caleb Milobsky added 6 points as well as being a monster rebounder, not allowing RASG any second chance points. The unwavering defense of the Cooper Macs helped close the door on RASG. The final score was Cooper 61, RASG 55. Ben Tal led RASG with 34 points and Cooper was led by Jeffrey Owen with 22.

The #5 seed Cooper Macs will continue their storied run in the semi-finals, while the RASG Warriors will try and close out their tournament showing with wins in the consolation bracket.

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