Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-2-2013 | Hawks Take Bite out of Jaguars, 48-42

11-2-2013 | Hawks Take Bite out of Jaguars, 48-42

By: Efraim Wiener

The final Tier 1 matchup of the evening featured an epic matchup between the #6 HAFTR Hawks and the #7 seed New Community Jewish High School Jaguars. The Jaguars got the tip. After one minute, the Jaguars scored courtesy of Noah Emanuel. Later, Edan Evenhaim of the Jaguars made one free-throw to put his team up by one point. Throughout the first quarter, Evenhaim continued to get into the paint, draw fouls, and score free-throws. Finally, after two minutes, the Hawks scored courtesy of Barak Rosner. Later, Ari Baratz and Adar Benzaken of HAFTR scored, which brought their team within one point of the Jaguars. Benzaken later scored a hard earned layup in the paint. With one minute left to play in the first quarter, Evenhaim gave an outlet pass to Daniel Knafo who made the layup. With seven seconds left, Baratz again scored in the paint.

As the second quarter started, HAFTR had the ball. The Hawks continued to foul the Jaguars. In the beginning of the second quarter, the Hawks already had 10 fouls. Matt Rosenberg made a nice shot in the paint to bring HAFTR within one point. Noah Emanuel of the Jaguars took the ball all the way down after a free-throw by HAFTR and scored it. Later, HAFTR answered with a thre-pointer by Itamar Bensimhon. With two and a half minutes left in the half, Barak Rosner scored in the paint. Later, Sam Genack drained a shot. At the end of the half the score was 24-21 with HAFTR winning by a narrow margin.

The second half got underway with HAFTR taking the ball up the court. Later, as HAFTR took the ball up the court, Daniel Ozer-Ross blocked a player on HAFTR. HAFTR came back from this play with Baratz taking the ball all the way to the hoop and banked the shot in. Alec Schonfeld was then fouled, and he made one of two free-throws. Next, Edan Evenhaim made a great pass to Etai Bernstein, who laid the ball in for an easy 2 points. After this play, Gabe Berger of the Jaguars had a great putback layup. Even though the Jaguars were playing great, and outplayed HAFTR in the quarter, HAFTR kept a seven point lead going into the fourth quarter./P>

The ball went to the Jaguars first at the start of the fourth quarter, but they were unable to score in their first possession. HAFTR gained possession, and a player on HAFTR tipped the ball in off of a missed shot for another basket for the Hawks. The Jaguars fought back, with two made shots by Dean Paz. Then, Noah Emanuel of the Jaguars made a clutch three-pointer. HAFTR answered back with two layups. Ezra Emanuel drew a charge which gave the Jaguars the ball, but HAFTR got the ball back with one minute to go. Alec Schonfield of HAFTR made two clutch free-throws which put the game away. Despite a tremendous buzzer-beating half-court show by Edan Evenhaim, HAFTR prevailed by a final score of 48-42. Matt Rosenberg led HAFTR to victory with 12 points, and Noah Emanuel had 12 points for the Jaguars in defeat.

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