Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-12-2011 | Hillel Heat stop Macs in their Tracks, 50-40

11-12-2011 | Hillel Heat stop Macs in their Tracks, 50-40

By Cooper Invitational Staff

The Cooper Macs kicked off the Saturday night action taking on the Hillel Heat in Tier 1 semi-final play at Memphis Jewish Community Center. Memphis won a hotly contested opener against the Northshore Stars, landing them a spot in Tier I. The Macs and Heat were very evenly matched, and they did not disappoint the crowd tonight, putting on an energetic, fast moving fight to the finish. Bryan Itkowitz gave every ounce of his energy, then came out and competed in the three point shooting contest semifinals.

The Macs won the tip, and Justin Wruble put up the first points of the night on the board for the Macs, which was immediately answered with a 3 pointer by Zack Ashkenazi and a layup by Al Sultan. Eli Osdoba quickly laid in a bucket, and Gabe Goldstein got the ball and hit a long jumper to give Cooper Macs the lead. But two fast buckets by the Heat and there was another lead change. Osdoba tied it with a long jumper, but it was answered back by Ashkenazi with his second 3 of the night ending the first quarter with the Heat up by 4.

Ashkenazi opened the second quarter with his third three, but the Macs responded with a free throw by Seth Goldstein, a rebound layup combo by Osdoba and a 3 by Gabe Goldstein. The Heat countered immediately with Ashkenazi knocking in his 4th three. Osdoba took control, dribbled around and found his way inside laying in the ball among 5 defenders. Itkowitz went to the line, and hit one of two to bring the Macs within 3 with 2 minutes to play in the half. Osboba went to the line for the Macs in the double bonus, cutting the lead to one to end the half.

Itkowitz of the Macs scored the first points of the half, but the Heat answered by going to Sasson three times in a row. Ashkenazi then hit his 5th three pointer, advancing the Heat’s lead to 10 at the end of quarter three. Osdoba hit the first points of quarter 4 with a coast to coast driving layup and one, but Sultan put it right back at the Macs. Ethan Cooper’s three free throws brought the Macs to within 7. Sparks then fly as rubber and skin hit the floor, and Itkowitz drawing the foul and putting in 2 free throws. The Heat, in the double bonus, drop free throw after free throw, but Itkowitz, a powerhouse player, muscled his way in to block a shot. Isaac Graber went in for a layup and is fouled. Jeremy Cooper hit a three and Bentzi Kampf put in a layup and is fouled. Edward Benjamin put in the last points of the night, hitting 2 free throws and the Heat went on to win 50-40. Eli Osdoba led the Macs with 16 points, and Edward Benjamin led the Heat with 16 points.

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