Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

11-11-2011 | YULA Panthers Cool Hillel Heat, 58-27

11-11-2011 | YULA Panthers Cool Hillel Heat, 58-27

By Jake Pollack

The #1 ranked YULA Panthers took on the #8 ranked Hillel Heat in a thrilling battle. YULA started off strong in the first half with great help from their leading scorer, Jack Gindi, and fantastic three-point shooting by Zack Wasserman. At the end of the half, YULA was up 31-19.

Hillel came back strong and reenergized in the second half with good rebounding and major help from their leading scorer with 10 points, Edward Benjamin. Using screens and rebounding, Hillel was able to create opportunities for themselves to try and get back into the game.

The fast paced game was exciting from the very first tip. Although both teams played well, the great shooting and rebounding by the YULA Panthers was too difficult to match. Led by both of their leading scorers Zack Wasserman and Jack Gindi, each with 17 points, The YULA Panthers took this game 58-27 and the first spot in the Final Four.

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