Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

10-30-2010 | Fasman Yeshiva Collars Derech Hatorah Bulldogs in Double Overtime Thriller

10-30-2010 | Fasman Yeshiva Collars Derech Hatorah Bulldogs in Double Overtime Thriller

By Jon Wogan

What started as seeming blow-up, ended as a riveting, edge-of-your-seat competition. Derech HaTorah, led by Harry Velenski took off with a quick 15 point lead, and had the victory in sights by half time. However, the fast, scrappy FASMAN YESHIVA squad mounted a third quarter comeback. Slowly inching their way back, hitting shot after shot, FASMAN YESHIVA was quickly within reach.

Velenski had a slow game, while quick-dribble Avrumie Katz took charge, hitting the big 3 at all the right moments. Even with Velenski drawing double teams, and Katz taking over, the FASMAN YESHIVA squad held on to force overtime by taking advantage of poor ball protection and forcing turnovers that led to open threes and free throws.

In overtime, the game was yet again back and forth, with some exciting plays by Velenski and FASMAN YESHIVA’s Benji Mehler. When the buzzer finally sounded, we were headed to another overtime.

In the second overtime, the game remained tight. Mostly free throws and a few three pointers by each team, the game was tied with seconds to play. Again, FASMAN YESHIVA put the ball in Mehler’s hands. He went left, switched right, back to the left and drove down the middle. With an up and under scoop that had no chance, he was fouled at the buzzer. Under great pressure, with an empty court and hundreds of people watching, Mehler hit the first free throw to win the game and send Derech HaTorah to yet another loss. The crowd went crazy, lifting Mehler up high in celebration. FASMAN YESHIVA will have a chance to play for 5th place and retain their original seed.

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