Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

10-29-2010 | Lions Top Bulldogs, Advance to Final Four

10-29-2010 | Lions Top Bulldogs, Advance to Final Four

By Cooper Invitational Staff

In the second round of play we experienced the much anticipated match-up between two of Jewish Hoops high school stars, Yisroel Feld of MTA and Harry Velenski of Derech HaTorah. The game was a constant back and forth battle, with each star contributing critical plays at the most critical of moments. Tight through three quarters, an upset was in the making.

Starting the fourth quarter, MTA seemed to have found the antidote for Velenski; a strong box and one. Velenski had trouble getting the ball, while Feld was putting together his most meaningful quarter thus far. Slowly but surely, MTA was determined to quite the critics, and keep their championship hopes alive. With eight straight points to end the game, Feld helped MTA reach the Tier 1 Final Four. Yisroel Feld and Harry Velenski each finished with 26 points.

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