Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

10-28-2012 | Hurricane Sandy forces Two Game Cancellations, Grounds Four Teams

10-28-2012 | Hurricane Sandy forces Two Game Cancellations, Grounds Four Teams

By: Cooper Invitational Staff

Due to Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast later today, two teams from the Tri-State area decided to leave Memphis early in order to get home before the storm.

The Magen David Warriors, who were scheduled to play against the RASG Warriors in the 3rd place game for Tier 1, decided to leave early on Sunday to avoid the storm. Although the RASG Warriors were happy to have claimed third place in the Cooper Invitational by default, they still really wanted to play. In came the Cooper Macs! In order to ensure the RASG Warriors would have a fourth game to play today, they volunteered to play a second game today. This game will be played right after the Tier 2 Championship between the NCJHS Jaguars and the Weinbaum Storm.

The RKYHS Cobras, also concerned about being not able to return to the New York area tonight also left the Cooper Invitational early today. As a result, their Tier 2 5th place match against the Yeshiva Atlanta Lions was awarded to the Lions by default. In order to ensure the Lions played a fourth game at the tournament, the Fasman Yeshiva accepted the challenge to play back-to-back games in order to ensure Yeshiva Atlanta got to play 4 games.

Unfortunately, there are four teams from the New York are who will be unable to get back to New York before the airports are closed due to the storm. These teams are the SAR Sting, the Rambam Ravens, the Frisch Cougars, and the NSHA Stars. At this point, they will be grounded in Memphis until Tuesday.

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