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10-26-2012 | Chicago Tigers Cage YULA Panthers, 63-60, Final Four Next

10-26-2012 | Chicago Tigers Cage YULA Panthers, 63-60, Final Four Next

By: Akiva Somer

In the beginning of a well fought battle between the YULA Panthers and the Chicagoland Tigers, Avi Zilberstein on YULA started out very strong scoring 6 straight points in the 1st quarter (I think it was the shoes); however, Chicago’s defense and their incredible ball movement kept them in the lead in the beginning of the first quarter. However, a monstrous block by Jojo Himmelman late in the first quarter shifted the momentum for the Panthers. At the end of the first quarter, Levis Saada from YULA hit a put back buzzer beater layup, which put them in the lead 12-11.

The momentum continued into the 2nd quarter for the YULA Panthers as they started it off with a 6-0 run. However, a nice jump shot by Nathaniel Moses of the Tigers and a few other beautiful shots including two 3-pointers by Josh Newlander, one being an and-one, broke the score in favor of the Tigers by a score of 21-20 with 4 minutes left in the second. Chicago went up by 11 with a huge run by shooting lights out making it 35-24 at the end of the half. I have to credit that incredible quarter to Josh Newlander for going three-for-three from 3 point range.

The Panthers went into the second half showing no pity and showed why they were the two time defending champs. Getting rebound after rebound, YULA was on the way to a merciless comeback, but Nathaniel Moses on Chicago made a beautiful reverse layup to maintain momentum the momentum for the Tigers. YULA did not give in, coming back to only being down by 5 at the end of the third quarter with Chicago in the lead 47-42.

The fourth quarter was an intense battle right until the end. YULA did not give up hope and quickly tied it up with 6 minutes to go in the game. YULA’s run did not stop until they came back up by 3 points, but Chicago held serve by hitting another three to tie it up 50-50 with 5 minutes to go. There were many lead changes in the middle of the fourth quarter including Chicago going up by 3 with 1 minute to go in the game as YULA called a timeout. However a last second 3- point shot YULA rattled in and out, and Chicago upsets the two time defending champs, 63-60. Josh Newlander led the Tigers with 15 points and Leron Rayn led the Panthers with 14 points.

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