Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

DRS Wildcats Punch Ticket to Final Four, Defeat RZJHS Tigers 60-41

The last Tier I matchup on Friday featured the #3 DRS Wildcats and the #6 Rochelle Zell Jewish High School Tigers. Sammy Vayngart scored the first points of the game for the Tigers, which was matched by two buckets from Gavriel Kahn of the Wildcats. Both teams played great defense, forcing the other to take bad shots. The quarter ended with the Wildcats leading 11-8.

In the second quarter, the Wildcats remained in the lead thanks to great defensive stops and an explosive effort on offense from Gideon Velenski and Gavriel Kahn. Vayngart kept the Tigers in the game, scoring and dishing it out to Grant Primer. As the quarter progressed, the game went back and forth, with each team battling hard. The Wildcats had a 5 point lead at the end of the half. Kahn led the Wildcats with 9 points, and Vayngart led the Tigers with 7 points.

In the third quarter, the Wildcats came out with even more intensity on both ends of floor, with Kahn putting on a spectacular performance. He broke through the Tigers’ defense and charged the rim, finishing strong each time. Meanwhile, the Tigers struggled to slow down the Wildcats and get off any good shots of their own. The Wildcats were quicker and more athletic, and they used this to their advantage. At halftime, the Wildcats had their largest lead yet, up 41-29.

The fourth quarter began with two buckets from Ellie Roz, keeping the momentum in the hands of the Wildcats. The Tigers weren’t ready to give up though, and with the help of Eli Nasatir who had a great quarter, they fought on. Unfortunately, they had a big lead to cut, and not enough time to get it done. Velesnski and Kahn were unstoppable, and in the end this would put them over the top, giving them the 60-41 win. Gavriel Kahn was the leading scorer of the game with 23 points for the Wildcats, while the Tigers were led by Grant Primer with 15 points.

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