Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

#12 Posnack RAMS upsets #4 Milken WILDCATS 58-37!

Posnack, coming off a big upset victory over #5 Cooper Macs, opened the game vs. the #4 seeded Milken with intensity and determination. Posnack’s Djamal hit back to back layups for the Rams. Milken answered Posnacks intensity with their own and held a 17-15 lead at the end of the first quarter.

It seemed like the only points scored in the the second quarter were from free throws. Several 3-pointers and tenacious-D gave Posnack the momentum heading towards the end of half.

The third quarter began much the same way that the half ended. The Posnack Rams continued to outplay the Milken Wildcats bth on offense and on defense. With Milken’s frustrations building, a technical foul was given to the Milken coach, letting the Rams score another free throw. The third quarter ended as tensions on and off the court were running high. Posnack held a comfortable 46-32 lead going into the 4th quarter.

Frustration was at an all time high for the Wildcats, and it seems to be effecting their game; they struggled for a few good plays and to score at all, but they turned up the pressure with a full court press. Parkavan scored his first points of the game with a 3 point shot for Milken. Posnack scored the final points of the game from the free throw line, as they take the win. Final game score was 5-37. The leading scorers from Milken and Posnack were Zimmerman with 12 and Schultz with 18, respectively. #12 Posnack continues their Cinderella run to championship, while Milken will play in the consolation bracket.

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