Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

Flatbush Falcons defeat Kohelet Yeshiva KINGS 61-27!

To start off day two of the Cooper Invitational, we had a matchup between the Flatbush Falcons and the Kohelet Kings, in the Tier II bracket. The Falcons jumped out to a quick 4-0 start after layups from Jack Rosow and Eddie Lincer. The Kings responded abruptly with an easy floater by Ethan Schwartz. The Falcons jumped out to a bigger lead with layups from Eddie Lincer and Jack Rosow yet again. To add to that, Joe Katan, their point guard, hit a three to make it an 11-2 Falcon lead. Jack Rosow extended that with an offensive board and layup to make it an eleven point deficit for Kohelet. The Falcons didn’t stop there. Joe Katan hit another three and Jack Rosow hit another layup, but the Kings’ Shmuel Zvi hit a three to make it an 18-5 Flatbush lead to end the first quarter.

The Falcons came out shooting once again with a jumper from Alan Sassoon. The kings responded with a layup, but the Falcons continued their high-speed offense with a layup of their own. Alan Sassoon extended it for the Falcons by hitting a pair of free throws and Eli Cohen hit a layup to make it a 26-7. The Kings hit a free throw, but the Falcons responded by hitting two of their own to make it 28-8. The Kings’ Noam Troodler hit a layup to bring the Kings a little bit closer, but they were still down by eighteen. The Kings added another layup from Noam Blumenthal and finished the half down 28-12.

The Falcons jumped out to another early start with and-1 and made free throw by Jack Rosow. Kohelet responded by hitting a free throw. Noah Sedaka hit a layup for the Falcons, but the Kings’ Amit Ben Shushan hit a layup in response. Sedaka hit another two layups to make it a 37-15 Falcon lead. The Kings hit a three, but Sedaka struck yet again with another layup to make it a 39-18 Flatbush lead. However, the Kings were not done yet. Amit Ben Shoshan hit a layup for the Kings, but the Falcons came right back with a layup from Eddie Lincer, to make the score 41-20, with four minutes remaining in the quarter. Joe Katan hit two more free throws for the Falcons to give them a comfortable twenty-three point lead. The Kings hit a layup, but the Falcons continued to outplay them and made back to back to back layups from Jack Rosow and a floater from Eddie Lincer. The Falcons had a 51-22 lead at the end of the third quarter.

Both teams struggled at the beginning of the fourth quarter as they were unable to score for the first two and a half minutes. Shmuel Tzvi from the Kings broke the ice by hitting an easy free throw. The Falcons hit a layup, but the Kings went right back and hit a layup. Kal Abed from Flatbush hit a pair of free throws, Ricky Sasson hit a layup, and Eli Cohen hit two floaters to make the score 61-25. Noam Troodler went down and hit a jumper for the Kings. That would be it though, as the Falcons won 61-27.

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