Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

TABC STORM turn down Hillel HEAT, 62-16

The TABC Storm and the Hillel Heat battled for third and fourth place. Hillel is coming off a tough double overtime loss to the Warriors, and the Storm are coming off a devastating loss to the sixth seeded Stars. Both teams opened up the game firing. In the first three minutes, the only shots that were taken were three pointers. TABC’s Daniel Gopin was on fire as he knocked down three of his first three  point attempts. Defensively, they shut down the Heat, holding them to just five points in the quarter. Daniel Gopin and Uri Ostrin led the Storm to a 14 point lead to end the first quarter.

The Storm continued to dominate the Heat. The coach decided to give the reserves a chance to start this consolation game, and they have stepped up. They continued to shut down the Heat, holding them scoreless through the entire second quarter. A big part of the Heat’s struggles was their missed shots.  They continued to shoot from the outside instead of trying to penetrate and get easy layups. Noam Kinderlehrer, hit a big three and extended the Storm’s lead to 30. The Storm were running away with it, and the Heat had no answers. They boasted a 36-5 lead going into the second half of the game.

It was more of the same in the second half. The only difference was that the Heat finally put the ball in the hoop through a lob to Morris Tobias. They started to make more shots as Nathan Matut knocked down two threes in a row. The Heat still could not cool down Daniel Gopin. He had 20 points by the end of the third, including more than five threes. He led his team to a 41 point lead going into the final quarter of the game. Both teams knew the game was over by the fourth quarter. The Heat gained some momentum when Martin Cohen knocked down a three and chipped into the lead. It wasn’t enough to even come close to catching up to the Storm, though. The Storm just ran down the clock until it reached double zeros. The final score was 62-16. The high scorer for the Storm was Daniel Gopin with 23 points. The high scorer for the Heat was Nathan Matut with 6 points. The Storm take home the third place title, and the Heat take home the fourth.

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