Memphis Yeshiva Invitational

#10 de Toledo JAGUARS upset #7 Fasman Yeshiva High School 61-51!

As one of the first games of the Cooper invitational began, the pace of the game was already at a max. Fasman started out with the leas as Doni Miretzky, a senior from the Yeshiva, hit a quick jumper to kick off the game, and Yaakov Mendelson with a layup shortly after. Unfortunately for Fasman, these few points did not knock de Toledo off their game, as Dylan Esulin gave de Toledo their first bucket of the game with a nice rebound and put-back. De Toledo’s Liam Evenhaim evened out the playing field by knocking down a three, tightening the score, and raising the tension on the court. After a foul by Fasman, de Toledo began to pull away with the lead as Dorel Cohen made both of his free throws. Doni Stein finished up the quarter with a sweet 3 for Fasman, leaving the score at a close 12-11 lead for de Toledo.

Fasman came into the second with a new sense of energy, as Akiva Lafer quickly knocking down a three pointer and putting his team in the lead. The Jaguars refused to back down, countering the shot with a bucket by Cohen, once again tieing up the game. By halftime the intensity of the game had only heightened. The half came to a close and the score was still 24-23, giving de Toledo a one point lead.

It was during the second half that the de Toledo Jaguars started to pull ahead, as Liam Evenheim sunk a deep 3 for DTHS. Fasman continued to give Evenhaim free throws, allowing him to sink another two shots. Jack Bromberg assisted in establishing a comfortable lead for de Toledo, with a nice 3 pointer, ending off the jaguars in the lead 37-43.

As the fourth quarter began it was Fasman’s mission to get back in the game. Doni Miretzky started this comeback with a nice jump shot close to the basket, but unfortunately for the Yeshiva, the Jags’ tight defense made it exceedingly difficult for them to get the shots back into the hole. Towards the end of the fourth, Fasmans began to get a little sloppy with the ball, results in a series of turnovers for de Toledo. Fasman make up a few points with some free throws, but not enough to take home the win, with the game ending at a score of 61-51 a victory for the de Toledo Jaguars.

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